Cat Window Perch

Give your cats a cosy cat window perch! Here, Mewoofun has prepared high-quality Cat Window Perch for you, from kittens to adult cats. Our Cat Window Perch has a variety of ways to connect with windows, such as suction cups with super suction, hook brackets, etc. You can choose the right color and model according to your home decoration style. Never worry that they won't naturally desire to lie on top and observe the world around them. If you're looking for the perfect window perch for your cat, you're in the right place.

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Cat furniture, reimagined

Take back control of your home décor with our line of modern cat furniture and hidden cat window perch furniture.

Get perfect pet supplies and accessories. Shop Mewoofun for the best, durable cat window perch and hammock! We carry a wide selection of large and small cat perches, macrame hanging cat hammock, wooden cat window perch, transparent cat hammock and more. If you’re looking for the perfect window perch for your pooch, you’ve come to the right place. FAST and FREE (Over $59)shipping in USA and the BEST customer service.The cat hammock can be attached with its hangar clip in gaps such as window sills, drawers, chair backs, and bedsides.

Mewoofun Cat Window Perch

The cat window perch can be easily installed on the window sills, drawers, chair backs, cabinets, and bedsides. When you are not using the cat hammock, it can be moved from window to window with no disassembly. Compared to suction-mounted window hammock, our cat window perch more securely attaches to window sills, drawers, chair backs, bedsides, etc., You don't need to worry about drop problems of cat bed. without damaging furniture and walls, and without occupying valuable space in your home.

Large Cat Window Perch

Without having to drill anything or using suction cups. Super easy to move from window to window and it doesn't hurt the wall or window frame. You don't need to worry suction cups drop problem. It can hold up to 40lbs, suitable for multiple kitties or a large cat. Provide them a comfortable sunbathing spot. Cat enjoys sitting at a high vantage point to look out of the window nice view. The window hammock will be your cats favorite spot to hang out.

Cat Window Hammock Bed

Provide different leisure experience for your cat. Tent window hammock keep cat more safe. Open cat window bed are convenient to interaction between owners and pets. Choose the most comfortable way which your cat like.Fashional design and durable fuction. Two types of Installation and three colors for your selection. Made of sturdy canvas mat, elastic webbing and eco-friendly wooden material. Your cat's body temperature won't overheat because of this cat window hammock breathability.

Mewoofun Cat Window Seats

The frame is made of high-grade steel instead of plastic, and the large suction cups hold the cat widnow bed firmly in place.It can hold up to 40 pounds, and the mat is reversible. This cat window shelf stands out among the rest because you can flip it up and close the blinds/curtains for privacy without detaching and reattching it to the window.

Transparent Cat Hammock

Simple and sophisticated, the Transparent Cat Hammock is designed to combine utility and comfort with modern classic aesthetics. Our signature leather is thoughtfully designed to become your favorite furniture. Treated with an anodization process that creates a satin luster and quality tactile feel. A genuine Italian Buttero vegetable-dyed leather strap is 100% handcrafted to provide long-lasting beauty. It is a window perch that both you and your furry companion will appreciate and enjoy for many years to come.

Hanging Macrame Cat Hammock Bed

The latest in 2022 cat hammock get rid of the boring and monotonous of traditional cat hammock , with most popular bohemian style, made of new weave great space-saving, your pet can comfortably perch on this hammock, enjoy a comfortable and cozy life, reduce anxiety and have fun. The hanging cat bed is made of handmade cotton rope weave, with excellent sturdiness and breathability, and higher strength, load capacity of 16.5lbs, suitable for most cats.

Wooden Cat Window Perch Hammock

This zeze cat window lounger is delicate and comfortable. The suction cup is supplied with a sturdy steel wire rope, making the window seat strong and durable; the bearing capacity is huge, so there's no need to worry about the big cat. Make a cup of coffee, staying with you darling cat and enjoy the beautiful view outside your window.