About Us

Better by pet solution
Mewoofun was founded with one major purpose: to Connect Pets and People. We design and build products of expression, ones that help make your life and your pet's that much cooler. So the two of you can enjoy exploring the world together. It’s how we know they’re the best tools for your life and not just the best version of something else.
Dog clothes and dog collars can be matched with your own clothes. The style of cat tree and cat bed also matches your modern high-end decoration style very well. We hope to integrate pet furniture and pet supplies into our lives and become a harmonious part of our life style. 


Safe guarantee
Nothing hazardous to you or your pet, ever. Mewoofun choose materials that are durable and food-safe (we know pets like to lick things).

We do things differently. We follow what is trending and we create pet products with a fundamental understanding of what people want. Mewoofun was born out of a necessity first and foremost and, since then, we have grown a worldwide community of pet lovers that look for an alternative.


Join our family
Mewoofun proudly provides products and services to over 30 countries all over the world, including the United States, China, Canada, Germany, Italy, and So on. Built-in social network apps allow users in every part of the world to stay connected.  

Mewoofun was established in 2020. Starting from the culture of pets, we provide products with good looks and practicality around pets at home, traveling, playing, washing, eating and drinking, etc. We are committed to becoming a well-known pet brand.


Our Vision
Build a pet-friendly life experience


Our Mission
Make pet raising a cultural trend


Brand Story
In 2020, a group of people who love pets has come together with the original intention of "let pets live happily in the city". We hope that we can design products with the highest value and quality based on our own pet experience. Solving little trouble brought by pets, really enjoying the fun of raising pets.
At the same time, we also believe that each designer's cutting-edge creative concept will give more fun to the product. We hope that the design with a great personality will allow pets and humans to have a more refined life.

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Service Tel: +1 856 279 0699

Address: A210, GOPHA Building, Dongping Street, SIP, SUZHOU, CHINA