How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

5 Tips help you to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

Dogs vs. Cats: Which is the best pet?" is a long-running debate with no clear winner. Each animal has its own unique set of pros and cons that make it either the perfect pet for some people or the complete opposite of what they're looking for. It's a debate as old as time itself: dogs vs. cats. Which is the better pet? There are a lot of factors to consider when making this decision, from personality to practicality. So, let's take a look at the pros and cons of each animal to see which one comes out on top.

But, foreshadowing a headache that would plague the field of feline social cognition, several cats "dropped out" of the study, according to the research paper. -

Cats rival dogs on many tests of social smarts. But is anyone brave enough to study them?

what are the main differences between dogs and cats?

Cats and dogs are the most common pets that people keep today. Some people like the cold and gentleness of cats, while others like the lively, cheerful and healing smiles of dogs.

Someone vividly draws the personality differences between cats and dogs

When in "intimate contact" with humans, dogs usually take the initiative and happily greet the owner's hug, lick the owner's face, and take the initiative to rub the owner.

But the cat is completely different. Unless the cat takes the initiative to "give him a hug", the cat will break away impatiently and even attack you!


why I prefer dogs ?

why some people prefer cats

they're more social they're more independent
they're more active they're less messy
they're better at communicating they have a more "elegant" personality


which breeds of dogs get along well with cats?

If you want your cat and dog to live in the same home, you need to find a cat-friendly dog breed. While it's ultimately up to the individual dog and cat to get along well, certain breeds of dogs do have a tendency to get along better with cats.

For example, many working dogs are trained to care for and protect their family members, including other animals. Some hounds, especially scent hounds, are trained to work closely with groups, so they are usually friendly with other furry family members as well. Sporting dogs, such as retrievers and spaniels, generally get along well with anyone, including cats. Toy dogs are mostly bred to be cute companions, even companions of other species.

8 kind of dogs will get along well with cats:

Beagles :

Beagles belong to a branch of hunting dogs known as scent hounds, which means they use their special sense of smell to sniff out prey. Traditionally, these dogs were hunted in large groups, with hunters accompanying them on foot or on horseback, so they had to get along with other animals. Beagles like to live in groups and have similar temperaments. Most of them will live happily with other animals, including cats, who may see cats as part of a group.

Basset Hound
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Golden retriever
Maltese dog
newfoundland dog

What pet toys can suit for both cats and dogs?

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First meeting of cat and dog

1. Before introducing them

Whether you started with a cat or a dog, when you decide to get a second pet and want them to live in harmony, make sure you have enough space in your home for both pets They can be separated from each other by a certain distance, and they need to be separated in two rooms for a few days before they are introduced to each other.

Before entering a new dog in the house, make sure that the dog will obey your orders, that is, you must first simply train the dog, whether it is a puppies or an adult dog, if it is introduced into the house without obeying the owner's orders, you need to be more cautious .

Dogs usually show excessive enthusiasm or aggression. When they meet for the first time, guide the dog to obey your instructions and don't startle the cat.

2. Slowly become familiar with the smell

Animals need time to learn about each other's scents, to remember future partners and environments, and to introduce pets face-to-face after 3-4 days of separation.

Let the newly added dogs get acquainted with them through smell and exploration first. Because cats have been raised at home for a long time, there will also be cat smells at home, and dogs will also remember this smell. (When the dog comes out to get acquainted with the environment, do not let the cat come out)

If a cat and a dog accidentally meet each other in unfamiliar situations, they are likely to see each other as intruders, fight, be unhappy, put them in separate rooms, and never see them again each other until they both become calm.

After a conflict, both pets should be separated to comfort them, first go to the cat's room to pet and comfort, and then go to the dog's room to pet it after the cat's smell, so that they can start to mix their smells , can let each other have the original smell memory.

3. Set up a door to determine the smell of the other party

After a few days of sniffing, the cat and the dog have a simple preliminary smell recognition. At this time, let them smell each other's smell through a door, which will help them to smell each other's smell. New scents are associated with specific animals, even though they can't actually see each other, but already have specific contours in mind.

If you can't get your cat and dog to sniff through the crack of a door that's one door apart, try putting the ration at the door, which will force them to get used to the smell of another animal.

When the dog is close to the door of the cat's room, the cat will still be frightened, run and hide, so you need to give the cat more time;

As cats get used to the smells and sounds of dogs, it may be time for them to meet each other.

4. Formal meeting

You need to hold the cat in your arms, let it calm and relax, and then ask your family or friends to put the dog on a leash, slowly bring the dog into the cat's room, and gradually bring the dog closer to the cat. Remember , At this time, don't let the cat and the dog have direct physical contact, but let them get used to each other's presence.

Animals can be as jealous as people when "new additions" get more attention than they do, so make sure to show them that you love whoever it is!

Reward and praise your dog for good behavior when interacting with cats. Including a friendly demeanor or not paying too much attention to the cat's behavior, do this so that when the cat enters the room, the dog treats the cat nicely and correctly without being too aggressive and focused.

5. Stay together

Provide cats with a safe place that dogs can't reach. Take the cat tree, for example, to ensure that you can safely escape to protect yourself when attacked by a dog.

The addition of new members can increase the interaction between pets, learn to contact different animal friends, and deal with more situations, which is conducive to the physical and mental development of pets.

When they learn, the owner also needs to know more about them in order to help them in the process of persevering and getting along in the future.