Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Cats: Make Your Pet the Star of the Show!

Spooky season is back, complete with all the tricks and treats—and you know your pet wants in on the fun. (Let’s be honest, there’s nothing they love more than treats.) So whether you’re excited to dress up your furry friend in a head-turning Halloween costume or just snuggle up on the couch for a scary movie marathon together, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve got all the frights and delights you need for an epic Halloween with your pet.

Halloween doesn’t just revolve around you this year! Your pets are your family too, so it’s time to make them the star of the show with some cute, fun and unique dog costumes and cat costumes that will make you look like the coolest pet owner in the neighborhood. Here are some ideas on what to do with your furry friends this Halloween.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Dressing up your dog in a Halloween costume is a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. There are many different sizes, shapes, colors, and costumes that you have to choose from. Making sure that you get the right size is important because it will make your dog more comfortable and he will be able to move more easily. The last thing you want is for your dog to be too tight or too loose on his body, so take measurements before buying. When selecting a costume, think about what type of personality your pet has and pick one accordingly. If they are an outgoing animal with lots of energy, then go with something like this British Style Dog Costume or this Lion Costume with Mane & Tail while if they’re shy and reserved then try something like this Princess Dress Dog Dress or this Lion Animal Suit. You could even dress them up as their favorite animal by picking out one of these Animal Print Outfit options.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Cats

  1. Gentleman Cat - One of the most popular cats on the internet, this costume features a detailed face and headpiece to resemble Gentleman Cat's ever-present frown.
  2.  British Style Cat Clothes - Dress up your cat like everyone's favorite cartoon housewife with this Homer-inspired costume that includes a yellow hair, and yellow earrings.
  3.  Hand Made Plaid Cat Dress - If your cat loves to play fetch, he'll love dressing up in this costume that looks just like one of Ash Ketchum's Pokemon.

Handmade Halloween Cat Treats

Dogs love to eat. It's in their nature. And if you're wondering what toys are best for your pup, then you've come to the right place. We've got a few ideas on what will make your dog go wild with delight.
Snuffle Mat for Dogs They're durable, so they'll last a long time and keep your pooch entertained. Plus, there's something about this toy that just makes dogs go crazy for it.
Mewoofun Catapult Stick, If your dog loves fetching balls as much as mine does, then this is a perfect gift idea because it shoots them up to 50 feet in an instant so you don't have to chase after them all day long!

Some tips

Hide the Candy: The No. 1 pet hazard this spooky season? Halloween candy. It’s a sweet treat for you, but it’s a whole package of bad ideas for your pet, from cellophane and candy wrappers that can cause gastrointestinal blockage to sweeteners like xylitol and other ingredients that can make your pet sick. Make sure to keep any trick-or-treat bags far out of your pet’s reach.
Keep Your Pet Inside: Many pets go missing on and around Halloween each year, and it’s easy to understand why: The front door opening to trick-or-treaters all night long presents a tempting opportunity for pets to sneak out. Keep pets in a safe, comfortable and, most importantly, inescapable area during trick-or-treat hours, as well as during any Halloween parties you’re hosting where people will be coming and going.