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Cat Clothes

Our divine collection of luxury cat clothes and apparels features materials so comfy that your kitties will feel like they’re walking on clouds, high above everyone else (where they already think they are). Our fabrics range from velvety smooth to fantastically fluffy, with premium padding that pampers day and night. All of our modern cat clothes are created with sustainability in mind, and each is a little piece of art to add to your cat’s appeal for both kitty and you.

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Do you have an outgoing kitty that loves to have everyone’s attention focused on her, or a cat that’s easygoing and more like a dog? Well, they might be the perfect candidate for some fancy new cat clothes. If you look through our cat apparel “closet,” you’ll see everything you’d need for an up-and-coming feline fashionista. Mewoofun carries cat costumes, cat accessories, cat shirts, cat jerseys—pretty much every type of cat clothes available.

Cat clothes are made especially for your four-legged friends to give them just the right fit without being restrictive or uncomfortable. The closures are usually Velcro so they’re easy to put on and take off without making it a big production. Cat apparel is made with soft materials so your cat still feels comfy and can walk, jump and play like normal.

We have plenty of costumes for cats for extra-special occasions, Halloween, holiday card photos or just a family photo. There’s also a wide variety of cat shirts in colors that suit your cat’s sense of style. Some have cute prints or fun sayings—you’re sure to spot one that you could see your kitty in. Cat jerseys with your favorite team’s logo show off your fur baby’s sporty side (or perhaps just how much you love cheering on your team). For shy kitties who aren’t too into cat clothes, you can still pick out some cat accessories like cat bow ties or bandannas that are so low profile that they might not even know they’re wearing them.

Be sure to measure your kitty for her new cat clothes so they fit right and are comfortable to wear. Not all cats are enthusiastic models for cat apparel, but for those who are, there’s tons to choose from here!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Clothes

Can cats wear clothes?

Cats can wear clothes, and many seem to enjoy them, but some cats simply will not tolerate wearing clothes. Try to introduce your cat to wearing clothes slowly, watching for signs of distress and using kitty treats as a good behavior reward. Be careful to never leave your cat in clothing while unattended and always make sure any clothing has the proper fit.

What type of clothing do cats like?

The type of clothing cats like best tends to have minimal coverage. Many cats will happily wear a bandana or lightweight t-shirt but balk at a full-coverage sweaters or pajamas. Other cats are happy to wear whatever clothes you put on them and love playing dress up and sitting for photo sessions! Try starting small with a novelty collar or a shirt that doesn’t cover the belly, then see if your cat will tolerate something with more coverage. Always monitor your cat closely whenever she is wearing clothes.

How do I measure clothes for my cat?

Measure clothes for your cat by getting neck and chest circumference measurements and a length measurement from the base of the neck to the tail. Then, compare your cat’s measurements to the size chart for the article of clothing you want to get. Chewy always includes a handy size chart to help you find the perfect fit for your pet. If your cat is in between sizes, size up. Be sure you can fit two fingers under any pet clothing you choose, and don’t ever put your cat in clothing that is too loose—the right fit should be snug, without any gaps.

How can I get my cat to wear clothes?

You can get your cat to wear clothes—sometimes—by introducing them slowly and using treats as distracting rewards. Start with clothing that has less coverage and lightweight material, so your feline doesn’t start to feel overwhelmed. Some cats will take to clothing relatively quickly, while others never seem to get used to it at all. Respect your kitty’s preferences and never leave her wearing clothing unattended.