On the occasion of the New Year 2023, a pleasant Christmas season, ready to give gifts to your dearest one? Here's a heartwarming, absolutely creative gift shopping guide to make a difference, loving, heartfelt gift concocted by the loveliest of people!

Here is a grand recommendation of 3 products, specifically the necessity of this product, practicality, and emotional needs, Mewoofun pursuit to give you a better human pet emotional cultivation, which is not only a shopping, but also a spiritual washing.



If you want to know if a cat tree is a necessity for cats, you must start with the nature of cats. Cats are solitary hunting animals.

One, then a cat climbing tree is a great choice. A vertically extending toy, an artifact that combines play, paws and naps, it can cure a cat's boredom in the house.

Second, cat tree climbing increases the amount of exercise for cats to a certain extent, thus reducing the risk of cystitis and other diseases in cats.

Third, the cat climbing tree will come with some claw-sharpening parts, on which the cat can sharpen its claws and leave pheromones of scent glands between its fingers, making the cat feel more secure.



People often complain that "cats are always peeing on the bed for no reason and it feels like revenge peeing!" This is just people thinking about cats in anthropomorphic terms ~ so what is the real reason your cat is peeing on the bed?

1. Health Issues
Especially urinary tract infections. Because any physical discomfort in your cat may reflect a change in behavior, you can start by going to the vet for a physical exam to investigate the disease in question.

2. Occupation of Territory
If a cat in heat is not de-sexed or operated after heat, 100% un-neutered male cats and 100% female cats in heat will sooner or later show the marking behavior of peeing on the bed after heat.

3. Don't Like the Current Litter Box
Cats are spotless creatures. If you don't clean their litter for a long time, they will also find new places to defecate.