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Small Animal Habitat Accessories

Give your little pet a great place to live with perfectly sized small animal habitats. Mewoofun has a wide selection of enclosures for all types of small pets, plus the small animal habitat accessories you need to make them feel like home.

You can find small animal cages for all sorts of pets on our site, including guinea pig, hedgehog, chinchilla and ferret habitats. Our selection includes homes for rodents of all types, so you can find ideal habitats for mice, rats, gerbils and hamsters, too. We also have indoor and outdoor small animal hutches that are perfect for pet rabbits of all sizes.

Choose a single-level small animal habitat for pets like guinea pigs, who tend to prefer open spaces and fear heights. Active small pets like chinchillas, gerbils and rats enjoy climbing and will benefit from having a multilevel small pet enclosure. Small pets who chew may need a chew-proof wire cage or tank to protect against escapes and damage. Whichever type of small pet habitat you get, be sure it has ample space so your pets have lots of room for play, rest and exercise.

You can always add extra room for exercise and play with small animal cage extensions and tank toppers that attach to your existing habitat. Small animal playpens are another good way to provide extra space for your pet to run around and relax outside the cage. Mewoofun has an excellent selection of small animal habitats and all the accessories you need to go with them. Shop for small animal feeders and water bottles, small animal bedding & litter, ramps, toys and tunnels and make your habitat a cozy and fun space for your furry friend. You're sure to find just the right small animal enclosure and habitat accessories for your small pet's needs at!