Summer Cat Supplies: 6 Essentials For Keeping Your Feline Friend Cool & Happy

For many people, the arrival of summer means the end of air conditioning and indoor activities, but if you’re the owner of a cat, it also means that your pet may start to suffer from the heat! Since cats are most comfortable when they maintain their normal body temperature (around 101 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes them more likely to seek out warm areas and become dehydrated, keeping your cat cool during the summer requires some special planning and supplies. Here are 10 must-have items for keeping your kitty cool and happy all summer long!

Invest in Sun Protection

Just like humans, cats can get sunburned. The best way to protect your cat from the sun is to invest in some quality sun protection. Look for a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher and is specifically designed for cats. Apply the sunscreen to your cat's nose and ears before heading outdoors. You may need to reapply it every few hours. Keep them hydrated with plenty of fresh water, cool clean filtered water is best, and make sure they have shade where they can take cover if they feel too hot. Play games with them indoors during the day and don't forget their furry friends! Petsmart carries a variety of toys that are perfect for entertaining your cat during the heatwave this summer!

Create Easy Refuges Inside

The easiest way to keep your cat cool during summer is to create easy refuges inside your home. Place a few fans around the house pointing in different directions so your cat can always find a cool spot. Set up an air conditioner in the room where your cat spends the most time, and make sure there are plenty of shady spots for napping. Add some new toys and climbing structures near windows where sunlight comes in so your cat can enjoy the warmth without getting overheated.

Consider Cool Mats & Fans

It's important to keep your cat cool during the summer months, and there are a few different ways you can do this. One is to get a cool mat or fan for them to lie down near. You can also put ice cubes in their water bowl, or fill a spray bottle with cool water and mist them off occasionally. Keep an eye on your cat and make sure they're not over-heating, as this can be dangerous.

Keep Water Close By

It's important to keep your cat hydrated, especially during the summer months. Make sure they always have access to fresh, clean water. You can even put a little ice in their water bowl to help keep it cool. It's also best to provide multiple bowls so you don't have to worry about them drinking too much and becoming sick. A good rule of thumb is one gallon per day for each cat. Keep Them Entertained: Cats need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise and entertainment, so find creative ways to keep them occupied. Puzzles are great because you can set them up around the house so your cats stay active without you having to do anything! Cat trees and other climbing devices are another way to make sure your feline friend stays busy and happy all day long-they'll never get bored with all that there is for them explore!

Turn Down the Heat

One way to keep your cat cool is by turning down the heat. In the summer, try setting your thermostat to 78 degrees or lower. This will help keep your home comfortable for both you and your cat. As an added bonus, it can also help reduce your energy bills! Give Them a Splash of Water: Another thing you can do to cool off your feline friend is giving them a little splash of water on their face. Cats love it when their owners give them a bath and this provides some relief from the sun. Install Fans Around The House: You may be tempted to only install fans in rooms where cats spend most of their time like the bedroom or living room but adding them in other areas like the kitchen and bathroom can really make a difference in helping keep cats cooler too! Feeding Your Cat During The Daytime: Just because they sleep all day doesn't mean they should miss out on their favorite food!

Give Something New to Chew On

As the weather gets warmer, your cat will probably want to spend more time outdoors. Make sure they have something new to chew on, like a piece of rawhide or a catnip-filled toy. This will help keep them amused and distracted from the heat. You can also try adding small amounts of water to their food bowl throughout the day to make sure they're getting enough fluids.
Clear Off Any Clutter Near Window Sills: Cats are inquisitive animals and may jump up onto window sills if you don't remove any clutter near them.
Give Them Plenty Of Fresh Water To Drink: If you take your pet outside with you, be sure that they always have access to fresh water so that they stay hydrated during their adventures in the great outdoors!