Is Your Cat Bored? Get Them a Window Hammock!

Is your cat bored? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone! About 9.7% of all pet owners who own cats are worried that their cats are bored, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). A fun way to help alleviate some of that boredom is to get them their very own window hammock or window perch, so they can watch birds and squirrels in their backyard or simply look out the window at passerbyers on the street below!

How To Choose The Best Window Hammock For Cats

Choosing the right window hammock for your cat is not an easy task. Here are some things to think about when choosing:
-Do you want to choose something that hangs out of the window or sits on the sill? -What material would you like it to be made from (netting, cotton, hemp, fleece)? -Does your house have pets? If so, does your pet like to chew and claw at things?
-Are you concerned with their weight limit (or do they need to stay below 10 pounds)? -What color and design do you prefer?

How To Install the Best Window Seat For Cats

Your cat needs to exercise and get fresh air, but they also need to be safe in your home. Here's how you can create a safe place for them where they can look out the window and enjoy the sights and smells of the world outside:
-Begin by measuring your windowsill. Cut four lengths of rope (ropes) to this measurement, using a thicker piece of string as one of the pieces. Tie these ropes to the inside edges of the sill so that it's not visible from outside. Tie another length of rope across each corner, attaching it securely on both sides. Make sure you are able to tie a knot with all the knots you've made so far, because if any falls loose then everything else will too! Next take two more lengths of ropes and tie them securely across each corner at right angles with those ropes which were just tied into position. Now when you pull these last two ropes tightly they should form a square shape at each corner with no gaps anywhere between them.

Tips to Keep Kitty Out of Trouble on Their New Toy

1. Position the hammock at least six inches away from the window, ideally 18 to 24 inches. The sill of your window should be no more than three to four inches away from the edge of the hammock for safety purposes.
2. Depending on how many pets you have, buy one or two. Pets don't like being alone so it is important to keep this in mind when purchasing an item that could potentially get lonely.
3. It's a good idea to move the hammock around once in awhile so your kitty can explore and see new areas of their territory.
4. You may want to secure the seat with heavy duty tape so that it doesn't fall off if your pet climbs up onto it and pushes against it while they are playing with other toys inside or outside of the house.
5. And last but not least, make sure there are plenty of cat nip toys and soft blankets nearby to really give them an experience they'll never forget!