How to Train Your Cat to Sleep on His Own Bed

Do you own a cat? If yes, you already know how clingy and sleepy they can get. The cozy feeling of going somewhere that’s a lovely spot for a long sleep has been satisfying for them, so you often see your cat in bed. You may have observed how they choose hidden places with soft surroundings where they can stretch, relax, and sleep all day. But have you considered allowing your cat to sleep in her bed? It will be a fantastic new journey for them, even though training how to get cats to sleep in their bed will take time and effort.

Why won't my cat sleep in his own bed? Reasons Cats Can Dislike Their Own Beds

Cats always look for the best place to sleep for hours, considering several things before lying down their body. As usual, they are after the warm feeling they can get, their safe and secure spot, and the comfort that will satisfy them. These are the main reasons cats love a particular area in your home or room. When buying your cat its bed, it would be best to check whether these details are in the cat bed product you’re buying or not.

Sometimes, cat owners make mistakes in choosing the right bed for their fur baby, making them not want to sleep there. Aside from the warmth, comfort, and safety, there are also specific details you must think of that might be why your cat dislikes sleeping in its bed. Check out particular further points that you have to consider to avoid them from disliking the cat bed you purchased.

1. The cat bed needs to be higher.

Cats and kitties are more likely to enjoy sleeping in higher spots. Tabletops and couches are where you can usually see them, and it’s because they feel more secure and safe in high places. If you notice them not wanting to sleep in their cat bed placed on the floor, they prefer higher spots, so avoid this mistake.

2. The materials used are not comfortable for them.

Sometimes cats enjoy being on the couch or your bed because of the softness of the fabrics or materials in them. If you bought a cat bed and they still choose to sleep with you in your bed, it means the materials are not comfortable enough for them.

3. The location is not likable.

Some cats prefer looking out the window or sleeping in a spot where they look at a scenic view from your home. Make sure to observe where your cat loves to stay, so you will know the exact location that they will love.

Tips to Train Your Cat to Use Its Own Bed

Getting your cat its bed can be one of the best treats you can give, especially if you want them to feel cozy and comfortable when sleeping. You might see them resting on a bookshelf, table, or laundry basket, so purchasing a bed is top-tier. But expect them to appreciate it after a while since they also need to go through adjustments, and you have to train them to sleep in a cat bed. Here are a few tips on making your cat comfortable napping all day on their new cat bed.

1. Make sure that the cat bed is appealing.

It would be best to try enticing your cat’s new bed, like putting something with your scent in it. You can count on arranging the bed by adding more cushion and making it fluffier to catch your cat’s attention. Also, gently call your cat to try it out and start petting him to keep him more comfortable.

2. Place the cat bed in a higher position.

Cats love sleeping in high spots in your home because of the safety they feel when in there. Start with observing your cat’s favorite sleeping space, like in a chair, stand, or shelf, and move the cat bed in such a position.

3. Consider using cat treats.

When every effort you make keeps failing, it’s when the presence of cat treats is expected. You can put some of your cat’s favorite treats inside the bed and wait until he arrives.

4. Find a fixed and final location.

You may feel the challenge of moving around the cat bed in your house, especially when your cat isn’t cooperating. But did you know it would be best to have a final and fixed location in your mind? It will avoid getting your cat confused. Analyze your cat’s favorite spots and decide which makes them most comfortable.

5. Pick the perfect bed / Pick The Right Cat Bed

In choosing the best option for a cat bed, you have to think twice about what kind of bed he will love before making the final decision. Start checking out your cat from where he usually sleeps, his sleeping style, and the materials that make him comfortable. After getting a checklist of these things, start considering the size where he can move around, but enough to make him feel aside. Next are the details or features of the cat bed, especially the one that matches his sleeping style and has spacious and cozy cushions. Lastly, the materials used in a cat bed also matter, like cotton or wool fabrics that can be cleaned easily.

Best-selling Cat Beds

1. Industrial Style Hanging Cat Hammock

Most of the time, you might see your cat going to higher places as they find these spots perfect for a nap. They spend time there, so it is best to consider investing in a hanging cat hammock. Check out the Industrial Style Hanging Cat Hammock and see the details you will love to let your cat enjoy a cozy nap in a high bed. You can choose among the various checkered patterns available and take advantage of its cordless design, composite brackets, and abrasion-resistant canvas. Also, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your cat while sleeping because of its armrests.

2. Cat Window Perch

If your cat loves staying beside the window, it would be best to invest in a Cat Window Perch, which can be an all-around bed for him. It can hold over 40 lbs and has the best details too. Aside from the window, you can also easily install it in cabinets, drawers, and bedsides. The lounge-sloped handrail will hold your cat and keep him safe while sleeping. Additionally, it has a felt spacer and solid wooden board and is made with soft cotton.

3. Wooden Cat Condo

A Wooden Cat Condo is the best option if your cat loves staying indoors. It mostly fits all sizes in different breeds, and the best feature is the scratchboard that will surely satisfy your cat. The wood bed has a reversible TV design, making it look like ordinary furniture. Lastly, it is eco-friendly and can stand bites and scratches.

4. Multifunctional Cat Window Perch


Cats love sitting up in higher spots, and it’s the main reason why it is best to invest in a Multifunctional Cat Window Perch. It is a 2-in-1 cat bed you can set up in a window or just below the floor. Also, it has an open-shape feature that can hold your cat even when doing activities. You can adjust the distance up to 6 inches and a comfortable armrest.


1. What’s the ideal size for a cat bed?

You can notice if your cat loves stretching out, and if so, consider having an 18 to 20 inches long cat bed. A smaller size can be perfect if they love curling up when asleep.

2. Do cats love close or open cat beds?

The answer depends on the cat you have, as some of them prefer spacious sleeping spots so they can move around. But some cats also like closed beds to feel more protected. Observe your cat and see what kind of cat beds they would prefer.

3. How to train a cat to sleep in a cat bed?

It will be a challenge at first, especially when love is sleeping with you in your bed. But the best option you have is to train them to have the adjustments of finally sleeping in a newly-purchased cat bed. You can place it in his favorite space or use treats to convince them to sleep inside their new cat bed.