How to Choose a Cat Window Perch?

The 2 Best Cat Window Perches For Every Type of Kitty cat

According to Samantha Bell, cat expert at Best Friends Animal Society. "Being up high and above the action increases a cat's confidence," she says. "Jumping up and down from the window perch provides exercise, and windows can provide great visual enrichment for cats."

First, make sure your perch is right for your cat! Platform dimensions can vary widely, so please check the dimensions.

If you're in any doubt about whether the perch will hold your cat safely, lower it a bit first. Place soft pads underneath for a soft landing. The first few times your cat uses it, make sure you're ready to deal with any issues.

Consider your window. Make sure your windows work with your preferred perch.

If your window is exposed to significant temperature changes—perhaps because it's in direct sunlight—the suction cover may slip. A better option might be to design and use MewoofunCat Window Perch to keep the perch in place. Just make sure your windowsill is wide enough.

Checking your windows is enough for your perch to be big. For Cat Window Hammock Bed, this means they need a glass surface large enough to accommodate several suction cups.

If your perch uses a pole under the platform, consider the height of the bottom of the window. The pole will raise your perch above this. Your cat needs to be agile enough to get to it.

What features will encourage your pet to use the new perch?

Finally, think about what would encourage your cat to use their new perch. If they like to climb and climb very high, the Mewoofun cat tree might be a good choice. More adventurous cats may enjoy moving between tiers on a double-deck perch.

Also check the material of the fabric. Some feline friends prefer a hard surface underneath them. But many cats will love something fluffy and cushioned to keep their tummy warm!

Ready to choose the perfect cat window perch?

We hope you enjoy our pick of the 3 best cat windows to perch out there. Whatever your cat's preferences - and yours, we hope there's a suitable option here.

But if you don't have a windowsill rest, Mewoofun cat tree are a good and inexpensive option. 

Cheers to the happy cat !!!