How a cat window perch can improve your cat's depression

For cat owners, it can be heartbreaking to see your beloved kitty mope around the house with sad eyes and a downcast tail. It can be hard to know how to cheer up your depressed cat, and even harder to have enough energy to attempt it yourself when you’re feeling down as well. But one great way to help your depressed cat out of his rut is with a safe, fun cat window perch!

When cats are depressed, their symptoms tend to show up in one of two ways - either they become quiet and withdrawn, or they become destructive and anxious. Cat window perches can help alleviate these symptoms by giving your cat some time outside while being safe from the dangers of the outside world. Here's how it works!

The benefits of cat window perches

Mewoofun cat window perches are an excellent way to keep your kitty entertained and reduce their stress. Window perches allow cats to bask in the sun, watch birds, enjoy the breeze, and feel like they're outside while still being safe inside. Perches also give them a place to escape from other pets or children when they need some alone time. This is especially important for cats who suffer from feline depression because it gives them somewhere else to go besides hiding in their litter box or furniture all day long.

The basics of choosing a perch

A good way to choose a new perch for your kitty is to consider the size of their paws. If they have large paws, then the perch should be at least 12 inches wide with no more than three feet of vertical space. If they have smaller paws, then you'll want something that is 10 inches wide and has less than two feet of vertical space. The material is also important as some cats prefer soft materials while others like rough surfaces that provide better traction. The type of wood will vary from cedar to pine. Different types of wood have different advantages.

Our picks for the best cat window perches

Mewoofun Cat Window Perches are great for cats that want to observe the outdoors while remaining safe and secure. They also make it easier for homeowners to keep their windows open without worrying about their cats slipping out. And, since they attach directly to the window frame, there is no need to drill holes into the wall or put screws on the outside of the house. The best part? They're really affordable!

No Screws? No Problem! The Best Cat Window Perches

I was so excited to find a window perch for my cats that didn't require any screws! This is perfect for any cat lover who doesn't want to damage their walls. If you're a cat lover, you know that our feline friends love to lounge in sunny spots and take in the world from up high.