Give Your Cat the Best Seat in the House with a Window Perch

Have you ever noticed how some cats like to sit by the window and watch their surroundings? For many cats, it’s the best seat in the house! Thankfully, there are pet products out there to meet all types of cat needs, including top-of-the-line window perches designed to give your cat the perfect window seat.

Cat Window Perches 101

Window perches can be an excellent way to give your cat a chance to get some fresh air, to keep them entertained, and for us owners to feel like we are making things as good as possible for our furry companions. Some of the biggest challenges when it comes to window perches though is getting them just right so that they can still enjoy themselves without falling or feeling like they are stuck at all times.
Cat window perches come in all shapes and sizes, but before you go too crazy picking out the best one for your needs it is important that you look over what features you need most out of your perch so that you can find something that suits your lifestyle best.

A cat window perch can give your cat more options

Cats are natural climbers, and for those cats who prefer to do their exploring on top of furniture, having a window perch is an excellent way to give them a choice. It will allow them to lounge by the window or take turns peering out and admiring their surroundings while they enjoy the warmth of your home. And when they get bored of either option, they have a nice cushy place to relax indoors. No more hanging around outside waiting for you to come back inside!
A cat window perch will also allow you to keep an eye on what your pet is up to at all times, which could prove helpful if your furry friend starts acting strangely. Being aware of any changes in behavior can help you prevent anxiety and pain before it becomes too late.

How to Choose the Right Size

If you have a large cat and are looking for a window perch, keep in mind that these tend to be pretty big pieces of furniture. Make sure that your cat will fit on it comfortably before purchasing one. Measure their length from head to tail and add two feet; this is how wide they should be able to stretch out on the perch, including head space.
If you want something for your medium or small sized cats, you can measure width rather than length. The distance from where your cat sits to their shoulder should measure about six inches on each side for medium-sized cats, and about four inches for small ones.

Tips and Tricks

1. Window perches should be easy to install and secured firmly so they don't slide around or fall off the window. Install them onto an outside ledge or directly into your window frame if possible. Double-sided tape can work well too, but may not last as long or provide the same level of security as screws and brackets.
2. You'll also want to be sure that you attach your window perch so it doesn't interfere with blinds, windows shades, screens, curtains, etc. Make sure there's enough room for these items to operate when installed on top of your perch so that they don't get damaged over time from snagging on it every time they're opened and closed.